Giorgos Vasiliou

Greek Modern Singer. Based on Cyprus. Artist - Singer - Musician - Songwriter

Giorogs Vasileiou CV Giorgos Vasileiou “Γιώργος Βασιλείου” born in Larnaca, Cyprus. He is graduate of the department of Folk and Traditional Music of the University of Ioannina. He has been professionally involved in the music industry singing an music since the age of 15. He has many collaborations in his CV in Cyprus an Greece mainly in the provinces as Ioannina , Arta, Preveza , Katerini ,Litochoro ,Thessaloniki ,Kefalonia , Athens ,Patra , Amfiloxia . Also he has been participate in United Kingdom in folk/Traditional events (Wine festival London) organized by the Cypriot - British citizens in London – Nottingham and Birmingham. He has colloborate with a great artists in the past including Thanasis Polykandriotis in concerts of the bouzouki ensemble in Athens in a major event. Lately he appears in various stages and events in around Cyprus.

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